Additional General Raffle Tickets

General Raffle Tickets come with your Roundup Dinner Package.  But you can purchase additional General Raffle Tickets here.  This is your chance to win one of two Gun Safes - one empty, the other loaded with firearms and accessories!

You must be present to WIN all prizes!

You could WIN the following as part of the General Raffle:

  • Big Twin Gun Safes.  One Gun Safe will be full of firearms and accessories, and the other Gun Safe will be empty...well maybe.  The winner of the General Raffle will pick whichever Gun Safe he/she wishes, and another winner will be chosen for the second Gun Safe.
  • ...many other smaller prizes will be given away during the evening to lucky receipents  

You will receive your General Raffle Tickets in an envelope at the Check-In table at the Roundup Dinner event.

Proceeds benefit the ASRPA General Fund

Please Note: All firearms winners are subject to State and Federal Laws pertaining to the transfer of firearms.  ASRPA will not transfer firearms to any prohibited possessors, and an Arizona State issued Permit and/or Arizona Drivers License, along with the appropriate paperwork, will be required before winners can receive their firearms.  No acceptions.  ASRPA will not transport or ship prizes for winners.

Additional General Raffle Tickets
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