ADM AR15 Raffle Tickets

Purchase Raffle Tickets to WIN this special ADM (Arizona Defense Match) AR15 at the ASRPA Roundup Dinner on Saturday, May 6th

You must be present to WIN all prizes!

This MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) is the original prototype which was used in several of the Arizona Defense Matches during development of this popular training course.  It features:

ADM AR15 Raffle Tickets can be purchased as follows:

  • $10 for 1 ticket ($10 ea.)
  • $20 for 3 tickets ($6.67 ea.)
  • $50 for 10 tickets ($5 ea.)
  • $100 for 25 tickets ($4 ea.) BEST VALUE!

You will receive your ADM AR 15 Raffle Tickets in an envelope at the Check-In table at the Roundup Dinner event.

Proceeds benefit the ASRPA Education and Training Division

Please Note: All firearms winners are subject to State and Federal Laws pertaining to the transfer of firearms.  ASRPA will not transfer firearms to any prohibited possessors, and an Arizona State issued Permit and/or Arizona Drivers License, along with the appropriate paperwork, will be required before winners can receive their firearms.  No acceptions.  ASRPA will not transport or ship prizes for winners.

ADM AR15 Raffle Tickets
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