Great Zombie Hunt - ASRPA Event Administrative Fee Invoice

ASRPA Great Zombie Hunt - ASRPA Event Administrative Fee Invoice.   This is an Event Administrative Fee invoice for the Education and Training Division of the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association to conduct the ASRPA Great Zombie Hunt event on Tuesday, October 31st at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility (BASF) located at 4044 W Black Canyon Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85086.

By paying this Event Administrative Fee Invoice, SFATA agrees to the following:

  • ASRPA is acting purely as a contractor for this event and will receive compensation from SFATA for  its service (listed below)
  • This Event Administrative Fee ($1,200) must be paid not later than Friday, October 20th.  Cutoff for individual participant registration is Tuesday, October 24th.
  • The Event Administrative Fee ($1,200) includes the services of six (6) Range Safety Officers and is calculated for a maximum of 50-60 event participants.  If prior to the registration cutoff date of October 24th the number of participants exceeds sixty (60) there will be a need to increase the number of Range Safety Officers by a ratio of one (1) for every ten (10) participants beyond sixty (60).  In this case the Event Administrative Fee will increase $100 for each additional Range Safety Officer.
  • This fee ($1,200) constitutes a guaranteed minimum due ASRPA, and is not based on the number of event participants.
  • It has been agreed that on behalf of SFATA, ASRPA - through its advanced online and secure payment Shopping Cart system, will collect $125 from each participant. 
  • In addition to this Event Administrative Fee, ASRPA will retain $50 of the $125 collected from each participant for individual/participant costs;  the $75 per person balance will be forwarded to SFATA and is NOT to be considered a donation to SFATA,  but shall be considered net proceeds from the contractor from the event.
  • All participants must be aware of the following:  they must adhere to range commands without exception, wear eye and ear protection while on the shooting line and within range perimeters, sign a personal injury waiver, attend the pre-event safety briefing, and follow all safety rules at all times.
  • SFATA officials will be responsible for ensuring their guests will not be using, or have used, any intoxicants prior to the event, and that no intoxicants will be present on the event grounds and facilities.
  • As instructed by SFATA, ASRPA will provide the following services for the October 31st event: 1) use of the Smallbore Range at BASF, 2) use of Activity Center Building at BASF, 3) use of firearms, 4) insurance, 5) eye and ear protection (as required), OBIs (Open Bore Indicators), 6) NRA Certified Range Safety Officers, 7) ammo,  8) targets, 9) water, 10) individual range fees (based on the number of participants), and 11) a safe, supervised course of fire which includes a safety briefing and an individual Range Safety Officer per participant.
Great Zombie Hunt - ASRPA Event Administrative Fee Invoice
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