Your First Gun

Your First Gun: Should you buy one and join 60 million safely armed American homes? (2013) by Alan Korwin

First Edition, Paperback: 122 pages

Ideal for getting started, nothing else like it -- answers all the social and cultural questions newcomers are puzzled by, without the confusing technical details of gun ownership. Makes it easy to enter this fascinating new world. Why do you even want a gun? Where would you put the thing? What good is it if you have to keep it locked up? What's the point if a criminal has a gun pointed at you? Where should you get what kind of gun, and what are the right ones for you? How do you make all the decisions, and what do you do about all the conflicting advice? Does a gun really make you safer? Why is the NRA so polarizing? How much ammo should you buy? What does "buying off paper" mean? This gives you the intellectual ammunition you need to make a smart choice, and if you decide to bear arms, how to do so responsibly and with finesse so you don't look like some rube with no clue. Decades of wisdom boiled down to an easy and enlightening read. Great for convincing people, like a spouse or relatives, who don't understand why you have or want to have arms for safety and enjoyment.

Your First Gun
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