Trap & Skeet Fees - Single Rounds


IMPORTANT - June 23rd UPDATE:  We have received guidance from Maricopa County regarding implementation of the face mask edict, and as a result we have a new process and procedure (see PLEASE NOTE below) for purchasing Trap & Skeet Coins/Tokens.

  • However, the Main Building - housing the Retail Store and Restrooms - will be closed to the public.
  • Port-a-Johns (one ADA-compliant) with hand wash stations will be available onsite.
  • PLEASE NOTE: 1) you can only purchase Trap & Skeet Coins/Tokens in the ASRPA Shopping Cart, and you cannot place an order while at the range; all Coin/Token orders must be pre-paid at least one day prior to your arrival at the range, 2) upon arrival at the range, pick-up your pre-paid Coins/Tokens at the Range Master's Tower on the 200-yard Main Range - they will be in a baggie with your name on the outside and a copy of your Invoice placed inside.


PLEASE NOTE:  As of May 1st, you must have a reservation to use the Trap & Skeet field.  If you do not have a reservation you may not be able to use the shotgun field.  Reservations can be made for Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday in the following time blocks:  0730-0930, 0930-1130 and 1130-1330.  To make a reservation or inquiry, send an email to with your date and time block preference.

Please follow the following process:

  • Due to COVID-19, reservations to use the Trap & Skeet field are now required. However, there is no cost to make a reservation. Send an email to indicating: 1) the date and day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and 2) the time block (0730-0930, 0930-1130 or 1130-1330) you prefer.  You will receive a confirmation of your reservation by email.  
  • Having received confirmation of your reservation, purchase he number of rounds you wish.  The price list can be found below.
  • When you arrive at the range, pick-up your tokens at the Range Master's Tower on the 200-yard Main Range.  These coins do not expire, and may be used whenever you come to the range.  One coin equals 27 clays.
  • Please make sure to print out and bring your receipt with you to the range as proof of purchase.
  • When you get to the Trap & Skeet field place a coin in the Briley Coin Box and enjoy your round of Trap & Skeet.

Prices for a round (27 clays) of Trap or Skeet are:

  • $7 - Adult
  • $6 - Under 18 years of age
  • $6 - Military (Active Duty)
  • $6 - Law Enforcement (Active Duty)
  • $6 - Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Assoc. Members

Please Note

  • There is one Trap and Skeet field for General Public use at the Joe Foss Range.
  • You must have a reservation to use our Trap & Skeet field.  Please do not come to the range without a reservation.
  • Please be sure to print out and bring your receipt with you to the range as proof of payment (cell phone coverage at the Joe Foss Range is spotty).
  • Military, Law Enforcement and ASRPA Members please present ID/Membership cards when picking up your pre-paid tokens.


While on the range eye and hearing protection are required.

All firearms must be cased upon arrival at the range (Note: knit gun socks are not gun cases).  If you do not have a case for your firearm, you may rent one at the Retail Center in the Main Building.  Leave your firearm in your vehicle, in the parking lot, until it has been placed in a gun case.

Trap & Skeet Fees - Single Rounds
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