Ear Muffs - Electronic, Noise Cancelling

You may pay in advance for these Electronic Ear Muffs and, upon arrival at the Joe Fos Range, pick them up in the Retail Center.

These ear muffs feature noise reduction technology that blocks out only sounds that exceed safe levels, while enabling you to listen to conversations and commands while on the range.

  • Screen out noise over 85 dB
  • Over 200 hours battery life on 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Hands-free operation
  • LED indicator light
  • Solid state circuitry

Please be sure to print out and bring your receipt with you to the range as proof of payment.

While on the range eye and ear protection are required.

Ear Muffs - Electronic, Noise Cancelling
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  • Item #: JFR-EM-ELTR
Price $20.00
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