8 Cowboy Rounder

8 Cowboy Rounder Dinner Package:


Want Wine with your Meal?  This dinner package does not include wine.  However, the 8 Amigos Elegante Dinner Package does include wine. 


Roundup Dinner Information:

  • When:  Saturday, October 13th, 2018.  Social hour starts at 5 PM.  Evening festivities will begin at 6 PM
  • Where:  Pioneer Living History Museum.  3901 W. Pioneer Road, Phoenix, AZ  85086


Please Note: 

  • You will receive dinner and raffle tickets purchased through the Shopping Cart during Check-In at the Event.  They will not be mailed in advance.
  • There will be two different raffles: 1) General Raffle (various items), and 2) Raffle for a 1000-Man Henry Golden Boy Silver rifle in .22LR donated to ASRPA by Henry Repeating Arms through the NRA.  Raffle Tickets may be purchased in the Shopping Cart.  Proceeds from these auctions will be used to benefit ASRPA's programs.  All prize winners must be present to win. 
  • ASRPR will be sponsoring training courses during the course of the day at the Pioneer Living History Museum: 1) ASRPA Defensive Use of Firearms, 2) ASRPA Civilian Anti-Terrorist Survival Course (CATS), and 3) The AR15/10 101 Course.  These courses are free to ASRPA Members.  Please see the Shopping Cart for more information.  

Have Questions?  Please email any questions to:  marketing@asrpa.com

8 Cowboy Rounder
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