Shooting Sports Survey: Conservation and Sport

Shooting Sports Survey:  Conservation and Sport (2008) by Julianne Versnel Gottlieb, Editor

First Edition, Paperback: 140 pages

Over twenty authors and dozens of organizations from almost forty countries supplied expertise and insights on conservation and sport for the Shooting Sport Survey.

Articles included are: 

  • Australia's Gun Laws since 1996
  • The EU Directive and Sport Shooting in Austria
  • An Evaluation of the Canadian Firearms Registry
  • Shooting in Britain
  • Malta's New Arms Act
  • The New Zealand Arms Control Regime
  • A Summary of the Positive Consequences, Following a Traditional, Private Hunt (Sweden)
  • Current Status of Hunting, Sport Shooting and Gun Ownership in the United States 
  • The Collecting of Firearms - An Historical Perspective
  • The International Economic Impact of Shooting Sports
  • Gun Control in England: The Tarnished Gold Standard
  • Discussion of Hunting and Firearms Possession (in the European Union)
  • Census of the Number of Hunters in Europe
  • Some International Evidence on Gun Bans and Murder Rates
  • Cross Sectional Study of the Relationship between Levels of Gun Ownership and Violent Deaths
  • Australia's Gun Contol Experiment: A Decade Down the Track
  • Women and Guns: Doing It for Themselves
  • A Critique of the Methods Used to Estimate Civilian Firearms in Small Arms Survey 2007, Guns and the City
  • The UN's Global Effort to Disarm Civilians: Wisdom or Folly?
  • The United Nations and the Future of Hunting, Sport Shooting and Firearms Ownership 
Shooting Sports Survey:  Conservation and Sport
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