Main Range RESERVATION 7:30 to 9:20 AM Saturday, June 6th

Use this option to reserve a lane on the 200-yard Main Range for SATURDAY, JUNE 6th from 7:30 to 9:20 AM

Due to COVID-19, the following processes and procedures will be in place at the Joe Foss Range until further notice.



  • If you want to make a reservation for someone in addition to yourself, you must generate a separate order for them in the Shopping Cart.  Do not change the default quantity (Qty*) of ‘1’ – if you do your order will be cancelled.  A reservation must be generated, separately, for each individual shooter, regardless of age.
    • Follow this procedure precisely:
      • a) create a reservation for yourself and add it to the Shopping Cart
      • b) select ‘Continue Shopping’
      • c) create another reservation order for the person that will be shooting with you and add it to the Shopping Cart
      • d) proceed to Checkout and complete the transaction
  • If you wish to shoot with someone else at the same shooting bench (Note: 2 people max per bench), select the ‘Person shooting with me at my bench (if applicable)’ box and enter their name so our Range Master knows to pair them with you.
  • As in the past, persons under 18 shoot for free, but they must have a Reservation!  When filling out the reservation, under ‘Cost’ select ‘Under 18’ from the drop-down box and the cost will net to $0.
  • If the time block you want shows ‘Out-of-Stock’ it is full – please select another time block.
  • You must watch the Joe Foss Range Safety & Instruction video prior to coming to the range.  If you have previously been to the range, select ‘Yes’ in the ‘I certify I have watched the online Safety Video’ field when making your reservation.
  • Bring a printed copy of your Invoice you will receive by email to the Range (Invoice on smart phone is fine too).


  • DO NOT COME TO THE JOE FOSS COMPLEX WITHOUT A PRE-PAID RESERVATION.  If you do not have a pre-paid reservation you will not be able to use the range.
  • In adherence with social distancing guidelines, a maximum of 20 of the 40 shooting lanes on the 200-yard MAIN RANGE will be utilized at any given time.  For safety purposes, the number of lanes available for reservation on a given day is contingent upon the number of certified JFR Volunteer RSOs we have on hand for that day.
  • Lane Reservations are now for 1-hour and 50-minutes only, in three time blocks: 7:30-9:20 AM, 9:40-11:30 AM and 10:40 AM-1:30 PM.
  • Due to the time restriction, the usual price of $7 per shooter has been reduced to $5 per person (either shooter or non-shooter).  As in the past, discounts are available for ASRPA Members, Military (Active Duty) and Law Enforcement (Active Duty).  Persons under 18 shoot for free (but must have a Reservation!).
  • For those wishing to shoot with someone else, please note that a maximum of 2 people ONLY are allowed at each shooting bench.
  • We are now accepting debit/credit card payment (no cash, please) at the range for items purchased in our Retail Store (e.g., targets, eye protection, ear protection, scope or lead sled rental, etc.).  Alternatively, you can pre-pay for these items in the Shopping Cart and pick them up at the Retail Store when you arrive at the range.
  • JFR Volunteers or persons using complimentary ‘Good for One Day of Shooting’ cards will not be using this reservation process.  Instead, please email your date and time block request to:


  • All firearms MUST be cased upon arrival at the range.  (Note: knit gun socks are not gun cases).  If you do not have a case for your firearm, you may pre-pay to rent one in this Shopping Cart and pick it up at the Retail Store upon arrival, or rent one at the range.  Leave your firearm in your vehicle, in the parking lot, until it has been placed in the gun case. 
  • While on the range eye and ear protection are required.
  • If you are not picking up pre-paid items from the Retail Store then proceed directly to the Tower on the Range and present your Invoice to the Range Master who will assign you a Lane.  You do not need to check-in at the Retail Store.
  • If you do have pre-paid items to pick-up at the Store, proceed to the Retail Store and pick up those items from the Retail Clerk.
  • Access to the Retail Store will be restricted based on social distancing guidelines.  Please abide by the notification posted on the entrance door.
  • As a courtesy to fellow shooters, Patrons are expected to be off the range prior to the expiration of their time block.

HAVE QUESTIONS?  Please send an email to:

Main Range RESERVATION 7:30 to 9:20 AM Saturday, June 6th
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